The Membership Committee works to expand, recruit and maintain membership in general and in underrepresented groups and/or regions. The committee builds a diverse, well-resourced, networked and engaged membership that can also serve as a source of capable leadership for ISOQOL and the field both now and in the future.

Board Liaison

Board member from the Education Council


Two (2) Co-Chairs


Four (4) Members

Member Selection

All members are asked to serve a two-year term with staggering terms. Members are selected from applicants from the Call for Volunteers to replace specific member type positions.

  • Academic
  • Clinician
  • Industry
  • Developing Nation
  • Patient Research Partner
  • Student/New Investigator


  • Define and maintain the current structure and diversity of ISOQOL membership.
  • Develop and maintain board-approved recruitment strategies for different groups/regions based on the results of ISOQOL’s Communication Plan.
  • Create and maintain Membership Flyer.
  • Review exit surveys from membership to keep a pulse on benefits.