The Communications Committee makes recommendations to the ISOQOL office regarding scientific content in ISOQOL communications.


Board Liaison 

Board member from the Administrative Council





Past President

Patient Research Partner

Student/New Investigator

Member Selection

All members are asked to serve a two-year term with staggering terms. Members are selected from applicants from the Call for Volunteers to replace specific member type positions.


Communications Plan

  • Work with the ISOQOL office in maintaining the integrity and scientific accuracy of ISOQOL’s marketing and communications plan in accordance to ISOQOL’s mission, vision and strategic plan.

Website/Online Resource Center

  • Review website each year for scientific inaccuracy or irrelevancy
  • Review proposals from other committees/SIGs/Members?etc. regarding the addition of external (not created or endorsed by ISOQOL) resources to the ISOQOL Online Resource Center


  • Determine and enforce guidelines for editorial requests
  • Develop strategies for increasing the amount scientific content

Journal Promotion

  • Assist the ISOQOL office with its press release program by providing input on topic selection and target audiences
  • As needed, provide input (in addition to corresponding author input) on the scientific accuracy and relevancy of press releases