The Communications Committee works to increase awareness, recognition and support of ISOQOL to various stakeholders/audiences through the development and maintenance of a communication plan and outreach strategies. The committee communicates ISOQOL’s value, increases visibility and interest in ISOQOL positions, and enhances ISOQOL’s participation in discussions around emerging trends and substantive issues relevant to the Society.

Board Liaison 

Board member from the Administrative Council





Past President

Patient Research Partner

Student/New Investigator

Member Selection

All members are asked to serve a two-year term with staggering terms. Members are selected from applicants from the Call for Volunteers to replace specific member type positions.


  • Work with the ISOQOL office to create and maintain a marketing/communication plan to disseminate ISOQOL’s mission and vision and initiatives based on new branding. Include plans specific to key ISOQOL constituencies in that document.
  • Clearly and efficiently convey ISOQOL’s unique value through a range of communication strategies and methods.
  • Optimize the website and social media outlets to provide value and increase visibility.
  • Identify and formulate action in response to relevant issues and current initiatives including but not limited to:
    • Conference and meetings
    • Journals
    • Membership
    • Educational Courses
    • Other initiatives
  • Work with ISOQOL office to maintain the content on the current website with a focus on optimizing member usability as well as value for external users.