The Education Committee advances the scientific study of health related quality of life and other patient-centered outcomes by reviewing submitted/proposed projects to develop the ISOQOL education program. The Committee will oversee all educational content for ISOQOL.

Board Liaison

Board member from the Education Council


Three (3) Chairs (chair-elect, chair, and past chair)


  • eLearn Strategy Subcommittee
    Comprised of the Past Chair and Chair.
  • Topic Selection Subcommittee
    Comprised of the Chair-Elect and 2 members.

Member Selection

All members are asked to serve a two-year term with staggering terms. Members are selected from applicants from the Call for Volunteers.


  • Attend the committee conference calls.


eLearn Strategy

  • Identify possible expansions on current offerings.
  • Identify gaps in the existing offerings. 
  • Identify content that needs to be sunset. 

Topic Selection

  • Participate in conference subcommittee selection calls.
  • Review conference session selections and decide which topics would translate well for the education program.