The Collaboration Committee works to forge mutually beneficial collaborations with external organizations to advance the field and position ISOQOL as the leader in integrating health-related quality of life research. They evaluate, define and pursue collaborative opportunities, as well as develop and maintain ISOQOL’s collaboration plan that defines and recommends collaborations for Board review and implementation of approved collaborations.


Board Liaison 

Board member from the Administrative Council


Two (2) Co-Chairs






Member Selection

Chairs and members are appointed by ISOQOL leadership.


  • Develop and maintain a collaboration policy and request/filter process.
  • Encourage suggestions for, and proactively research, potential collaborations with other organizations (clinical, scientific, etc.).
  • Develop a Summary Report for each collaboration, for Board review, that outlines for each target organization the timeline and action plan for developing contacts, defining terms and conditions of collaboration, operationalizing logistics, identifying indicators of progress, and monitoring progress against indicators.
  • Designate member representatives for all approved collaborations and monitor progress reports.