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Membership in ISOQOL is a mark of professional distinction and denotes a dedication to understanding health related quality of life and patient-centered outcomes. Becoming a member of ISOQOL is a great way to find your community, develop your career, learn and educate, and stay informed.

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Holiday Office Closings

The ISOQOL office will be closed in observance of the following holidays:

  • Memorial Day (USA): 31 May 2021
  • Independence Day (USA): 5 July 2021
  • Labor Day (USA): 6 September 2021
  • Thanksgiving (USA): 25-26 November 2021
  • Winter Holidays:  24 December 2021 through 1 January 2022

Mailing Address

555 East Wells Street, Suite 1100
Milwaukee, WI USA 53202




Colleen Pedersen
Executive Director

Samantha Walker
Director of Administration


Marina Ziolkowski
Meetings Manager

Olivia Gessner
Membership and Programs Coordinator

Charise Maldonado
Program Coordinator

Alexandra Hansen
Program Coordinator

How do I join ISOQOL?

Simply fill out the secure, online membership form and pay your membership dues online. To fill out the online membership form and pay dues, you’ll need:

  • A valid credit card. ISOQOL accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. If you prefer, you can print a copy of your invoice and pay via check or credit card.
  • Information about your education program, expected completion dates and proof of status, if you are applying at the Student/Trainee rate.

If you prefer to fill out and mail, email, or fax in your membership form, you may download a PDF of the form here

I have moved or changed jobs. How do I update my contact information?

Access your Member Profile and click on the Employer Information tab. From here you can change the name of you institution and position title. Select the Contact Information tab to change your preferred email address, assistant contact information, and business and/or home address. Remember to save your changes!

I forgot my password/got locked out of my account. How do I get back in?

Your ISOQOL user profile is different from your Annual Conference Registration profile and may use a different password.

If you cannot remember your ISOQOL account password, reset your password.

If you enter your password incorrectly six times, you will be locked out of your account. If you need to regain immediate access to your account, contact ISOQOL at

How do I contact other members of ISOQOL?

There are many ways for you to contact other ISOQOL members.

Membership Directory
Members have exclusive access to the online ISOQOL Membership Directory. Members are searchable by name, geographic location, specialty, employer type and SIG membership. You must be a member to access the directory. ISOQOL does not sell or export directory entries.

If you choose to join one or more SIGs through your ISOQOL profile, you have access to Teamwork, an online project management system. Teamwork allows you to message, share documents, and work on shared projects with other SIG members.

Annual Conference App
The Annual Conference App has a couple of networking features for attendees, including discussion boards, a social feed and one-on-one messaging.

Please note, ISOQOL takes the privacy of our members very seriously. Members must opt in or opt out of these online networking services. If someone opts out of these services, we will not share their contact information.

How do I join/leave a Special Interest Group (SIG)?

Members can change their SIG selection at any time by signing into their online profile and selecting the SIG Sign-Up tab.

Can I be a member of more than one SIG?

Yes! There is no limit to how many SIGs you can join.

How do I sign up for Teamwork?

Joining a SIG does not automatically give you access to Teamwork. When you sign up for a SIG, ISOQOL staff sends you an invitation to join Teamwork. You must click the link in the email and follow the account setup instructions. Staff sends these invitations to new SIG members at the beginning of each month. If you join a SIG and want immediate access to Teamwork, you are encouraged to contact ISOQOL staff via

Do I need to be an ISOQOL member to submit an article to the journals?

No. ISOQOL membership is not a prerequisite for journal submission, though members do receive submission discounts to ISOQOL’s open access journal, JPRO. Learn more about journal-related member benefits by visiting the Journals page

Can I change how often I receive emails from ISOQOL?

Yes. By signing into your online ISOQOL account and accessing your Member Profile. Click on the Contact Information tab and scroll down until you see Contact Preferences. Here you can choose which communications to be excluded from, including email, fax, the members-only directory listing, postal, and sales communication. 

Can my office secretary or assistant pay dues for me?

Yes. There are two ways for another person to submit payment for your dues.

  1. Your secretary/assistant can fill out an online membership form for you by accessing the online membership form and selecting “pay someone else’s dues.” To do this, your secretary/assistant must know the primary email associated with your ISOQOL account. They will then receive a temporary link enabling them to complete your membership form. Membership confirmation and a receipt will be sent to the ISOQOL member, not the person completing the membership form.
  2. Once you complete the online membership form, if you click “send me an invoice” our system will send you an email with your invoice attached. Give the invoice to your secretary/assistant. ISOQOL staff can then work with your secretary/assistant to process payment.

How do I change my username and password for the Members Only login?

Log into your ISOQOL account and scroll down to the Update My Membership Section. Here you can update your username and password. Simply follow the link and you will be prompted to enter a new username and password. 

I need a receipt or I need to view my payment history. How do I access this?

Receipts are automatically sent to the primary email address of the ISOQOL account holder. If you do not receive a receipt or need full payment history access, contact the ISOQOL office. Someone will assist you within two business days.

How do I opt in/out of the Membership Directory?

Members are required to opt in or opt out of the Membership Directory when they join or renew their membership. Members can also change their decision at any time by logging into their online ISOQOL account. Access your Member Profile and select the Contact Information tab. Scroll down to the Membership Directory section and select the bubble next to your preferences. 

How do I stop receiving email notifications from Teamwork?

1. You can unsubscribe from individual message threads. This will remove you from the email list of a specific topic thread, but keeps you on the email list for other message threads more relevant to you.

For example: The ABC SIG has a message thread about a post-doc position you are not interested in, but a number of people have been commenting on the thread. You receive an email every time someone posts a comment. You are also receiving emails on a message thread about project grant opportunities. You want to continue to receive notifications from this thread, as it is pertinent to your work.

You can unsubscribe to the post-doc thread by opening any of the emails related to this thread and scrolling to the bottom of the email. There you should see: “Not interested?: Stop receiving email notifications from this message.” Clicking this link will open a new webpage in your browser. Click “Unsubscribe.” You will no longer receive any emails related to the post-doc message thread, but will continue to receive emails notifying you of new posts to the project grant message thread.

2. You can unsubscribe from all Teamwork email notifications. Log in to Teamwork and click on your initials in the upper right corner. A drop-down menu should appear. Click “Edit My Details.” Next, click “Preferences.” Uncheck “Receive status update notifications/emails?” Click “Update.”

How do I volunteer for an ISOQOL project?

There are many opportunities to volunteer at ISOQOL, but first you must be a member. Once you are a member, visit the Volunteer Page for current volunteer openings. The application process for different opportunities can vary. Feel free to contact with questions.

There is a job opening where I work. How can I share this with members?

There are two ways to advertise job openings with ISOQOL members.

  1. Anyone can post a job opening to the ISOQOL Job Board. For the first seven days, your job post will be visible only to members. After one week has passed, job postings can be viewed by anyone. In addition to posting to the ISOQOL Job Board, employers have the opportunity to post to the Healthcare Job Network. Choosing to post to the Healthcare Job Network distributes your job posting to nearly 200 job boards related to the medical field. Learn more about posting a job to the ISOQOL Job Board by visiting
  2. ISOQOL members can notify their SIG networks of job openings by posting information to Teamwork in a message thread. Only SIG members can view these message threads, but there is no charge associated with posting to Teamwork.

I am an employer. Are there any discounts for group registrations?

ISOQOL only offers group registration discounts for our online webinars. Groups of 18 or more can receive membership rates regardless of membership status if they share an employer or affiliation. To inquire further, please contact



ISOQOL Staff is available to answer any questions you may have about the society. You can direct all general questions to our office through the contact form below.

The International Society for Quality of Life Research (ISOQOL) is a global community of researchers, clinicians, health care professionals, industry professionals, consultants, and patient research partners advancing health related quality of life research (HRQL).

Together, we are creating a future in which patient perspective is integral to health research, care and policy.