Theoretical Work

Abstracts in this category use theory to advance the understanding of HRQL phenomena. Such work might include novel efforts to explain known associations or relationships observed in the literature; modifications or extensions to theories that are routinely or historically used in HRQL research and applications; or applications of an established theory from another field to HRQL phenomena. Abstracts in this category should not be presenting new data (including qualitative or formative work) or meta-analyses, but may reference published data in support of a theory.
Example Titles
  • Comparative Analysis of Philosophical Conceptions of Well-Being in
    Different Health Status Measures
  • A Dialogic Approach to Assessing Quality of Life
  • Toward a Theoretical Model of Quality-of-Life Appraisal: Implications of Findings from Prior Studies of Response Shift
  • Hermeneutics as a ‘lens’ in the interpretation of patient-reported outcome
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