Donna Messner, PhD, Center for Medical Technology Policy

The 2020 Measuring What Matters Symposium will kick off with presentations to bring light to key issues in the development, evaluation, and use of core outcome sets.

This session, titled “Introduction to Core Outcome Sets,” will include Dr. Donna Messner, President and CEO of the non-profit Center for Medical Technology Policy (CMTP).

Dr. Messner’s numerous responsibilities at the CMTP include leading programs to promote clinical evidence development that is patient-centered, stakeholder-informed, and relevant to real-world decision-making. She leads CMTP’s multi-stakeholder Green Park Collaborative (GPC) and developed GPC’s program for core outcome sets (COS), including methods for prioritizing patient-important outcomes in COS. She was previously the Gordon Cain Fellow in Technology, Policy, and Entrepreneurship at the Chemical Heritage Foundation; a fellow in University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Center for the Integration of Genetic Health Care Technologies; and a long-time laboratory director and senior scientist.

Messner will also participate in Session IV, “Future Challenges with Core Outcome Sets.”

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