Join a Social Event at the Virtual Annual Conference!

Moments of QOL: Cite your Sources

Thursday, 14 October 2021 | 7:00 am CDT

ISOQOL members are more than their publications and presentations; there’s plenty of hidden creativity out there! During the Annual Conference, we’d like to highlight the talents and hobbies of our members—beyond the bounds of research. What activities enhance your quality of life outside of work? We all talk about QOL every day; this is your opportunity to share what you do, large or small, funny or serious, to put QOL into practice.

Interested in participating?
Submit a video clip* or photo of your QOL enhancing activity by 15 September—no abstracts required! Don’t want to embarrass yourself? Life is short—take the risk.

Watch these member videos to spark inspiration:

*Video requirements: a) Orientation: record in landscape/horizontal mode; b) Duration can be up to 3 minutes long; c) File format: .MP4; d) Submit to by 15 September.

Virtual Speed Networking

Get to know fellow ISOQOL members during a virtual speed networking session hosted during the Annual Conference! Icebreaker questions will be provided but this is a great opportunity to informally meet other ISOQOL attendees, just as you would during a coffee break at an in-person conference.

During a 50-minute session, participants have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with five different people in Zoom breakouts. Each breakout has two people and only lasts 7 minutes before switching to the next pairing.

Sign up in advance when you register for the 2021 Annual Conference:

Offered at two different times; kindly choose only one time to participate

  • Wednesday, 13 October at 2 pm CDT
  • Friday, 15 October at 7 am CDT

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