Interview with: Jessica Roydhouse, PhD
University of Tasmania

Jessica Roydhouse, PhD, ISOQOL member of seven years, received the 2021 Donna Lamping Emerging Leader Award for her exceptional leadership skills and potential by playing a key role in steering specific ISOQOL projects.

Dr. Roydhouse initially joined ISOQOL because she “noticed that many of the authors of the HRQL papers [she] read were part of ISOQOL. Because of this, [she] felt that going to ISOQOL meetings and being part of ISOQOL would be a great opportunity to learn more and see cutting-edge research.”

This award recognizes the excellent work Dr. Roydhouse has contributed to ISOQOL and acknowledges her dedication to the field of health related quality of life (HRQL) research. When asked what she loves most about HRQL research, Dr. Roydhouse stated it “is meaningful and fun at the same time.”

Since 2017, Dr. Roydhouse has co-led the ISOQOL Proxy Task Force, demonstrating her leadership skills. The Task Force recently completed its first major project, a review of proxy-reported measures in adult health. The manuscript based on the review was endorsed by the ISOQOL Board and has recently been published in the ISOQOL journal Quality of Life Research (QLR). (View the article here. Subscription required.) Dr. Roydhouse has continued to pioneer work on this topic through ISOQOL, as shown by her recent organization of a symposium on research on proxies and caregivers at the 2021 ISOQOL Virtual Annual Conference.

In addition to her leadership of the Proxy Task Force, Dr. Roydhouse serves as the Chair of the Standards and Best Practices Committee, as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Patient-Reported Outcomes (JPRO), and an active member of the Australia and New Zealand Special Interest Group (SIG). She has also served as an abstract reviewer for the Annual Conference and as a peer reviewer for ISOQOL’s journals.

The Emerging Leader Award was presented by ISOQOL Past President, Lori Frank, PhD, during the Virtual Annual Conference in October 2021.

“I am very honoured to be considered an emerging leader in the field I enjoy working in, and happy to have been able to lead an ISOQOL initiative and work with great researchers as part of that process,” said Dr. Roydhouse.

Beyond the bounds of HRQL research, Dr. Roydhouse has tried paragliding and, for the past few months, has been re-learning Japanese on Duolingo.

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