Travel Scholarship Program

Travel scholarship donations help ISOQOL give more scholarships to Annual Conference attendees who are students, new investigators, patients or from developing countries. These scholarships include Annual Conference registration, one-year membership and support to offset travel costs.


Help ISOQOL #MovethePlane Again in 2022

Although the conference was virtual for 2021, the scholarship contributions from past years were awarded to student, new investigator, developing country and patient applicants to offset the cost of registration. Thank you to our past donors for their generosity!

Help ISOQOL continue building the Travel Scholarship Program by donating to this year’s #MovethePlane fundraiser! If you are able to and would like to support the Travel Scholarship Program, ISOQOL and future scholarship recipients would greatly appreciate it. The past few years have been challenging for all, and ISOQOL does not expect those who were heavily affected by COVID-19 to donate.

2021 Winners


New Investigator and Student Scholarship

Timothy Pickles, BSc (Hons) MSc, United Kingdom
Isabel Moreira, BMSc, Spain
Chloe Lim, PhD Candidate, Australia
Joanna F. Parkinson, Bkin, Canada


Developing Countries Scholarship

Yaqin Wang, China
Ambrish Singh, PhD Student, India
Afolabi Oyapero, BDS MPH FMCDS, Nigeria
Vijaya Gothwal, PhD, India


Patient Research Partner Scholarship

Leonie Young, DUniv, Australia

2022 Winners


New Investigator and Student Scholarship

Emma A. Damne, Sweden
Elizabeth J. Austin, MPH, United States
Paniarepa Saard, United Kingdom


Developing Countries Scholarship

Lamia Bouzgarrou, MSC Pr, Tunisia


Patient Research Partner Scholarship

Moïse Gerson, Switzerland
Nancy E. Verdin, BScOT, Canada

2019 Corporate Scholarship Sponsors

To become a sponsor for the #MovethePlane fundraiser, contact

Business Class ($5,000+)

Special thanks to Optum for donating to the #MovethePlane Travel Scholarship Fundraiser. Optum presented their donation to ISOQOL during the 2019 Annual Conference.

Economy Class ($1,000+)

Thank You!

Thank you to our donors for contributing to the Travel Scholarship Fund.
Names that appear in green are Frequent Flyers, or individuals who donated twice before.
Names in bold are Frequent Flyers who have donated every year since 2018.

Albert W. Wu

André Hajek

Angela M. Stover

Anne Klassen

Antoine Regnault

Antonia V. Bennett

Benjamin Schalet

Bernice G. Gulek

Canhua Xiao

Carol M. Moinpour

Carolyn C. Gotay

Carolyn E. Schwartz

Chère Chapman

Christopher J. Evans

Claudia C. Bellucci

Colleen Pedersen

Cynthia Gross

David Baumann

David T. Eton

Deborah M. Miller

Dennis Revicki

Diana Rofail

Diana Zidarov

Diane L. Fairclough

Elizabeth J. Gibbons

Ernesto Diringuer

Galina Velikova

Helen Kitchen

Holger Muehlan

Hongmei Wang

Hwee-Lin Wee

I-Chan Huang

Jacob Lippa

Jane A. Scott

Jennifer A. Freel

Joan J. Branin

John (Devin) Peipert

John E. Ware

Jose M. Valderas

Joseph Cappelleri

Josephine M. Norquist

Karon F. Cook

Kathleen J. Yost

Kathy E. Lasch

Kevin P. Weinfurt

Kim Cocks

Krister Cromm

Lana Pasek

Liliane Lins Kusterer

Lori D. McLeod

Lori Frank

Madeleine T. King

Marcie W. Ritter

Mary Kane

Maryam Mozafarinia

Matthew J. Kerry

Melissa J. Rowthorn

Michael Brundage

Michael C. Runken

Michele Peters

Michelle K. White

Mirjam A. G. Sprangers

Montserrat Ferrer

Nalin Payakachat

Nancy E. Mayo

Nora Fayed

Paul Kamudoni

Phantipa Sakthong

Reanne Booker

Rick Berzon

Rieko Izukura

Ron D. Hays

Samantha Walker

Sandra Nolte

Shawn McKown

Simon Pickard

Soo Borson

Stacie Hudgens

Teresa E. Young

Tito R. Mendoza

Wenjie Duan

William Lenderking

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