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Measuring What Matters Topic Proposal: Call for Submissions

ISOQOL holds an annual Measuring What Matters Symposium in July and requests topic proposal submissions each August, two years in advance.

ISOQOL is seeking to identify and address topics of importance to our members and the HRQL field. Topics may be:

  • a particular application (e.g., Measuring What Matters in Clinical Practice)
  • a specific disease area (e.g., Measuring What Matters in Cardiology)
  • a particular population (e.g., Measuring What Matters in Children)
  • or a combination of the three.

View the agendas and organization of past symposia here.

Upon submitting a topic proposal, you are indicating your intent to serve as a co-chair and develop the direction of the symposium (time commitment noted below).

Co-Chair Commitment

By submitting a proposal, you are also volunteering to act as chair of the MWM Symposium Planning Committee if your topic is selected. Working with ISOQOL Staff, co-chairs are responsible for:

  • Developing a program outline with topics
  • Developing the curriculum
  • Developing session learning objectives
  • Sourcing speakers/presenters
  • Monthly/biweekly calls with staff and speakers

Topic Proposal Questions

Below are the questions requested as part of the symposium topic proposal, which opens in early August.

Submitter and Co-Chair Details

  • Submitter(s) Name, Title, Affiliation
  • Names and email addresses of two proposed symposium co-chairs
    Co-chairs must be current ISOQOL members.

Topic/Theme Information

  • Proposed topic/theme:
    • Is this topic regional? If yes, please indicate the region of the greatest interest.
  • Does the topic/theme address a particular disease/therapeutic area? Yes/No
    • If so, please describe the disease/therapeutic area that your topic/theme aims to address: (e.g., cancer, neurology, etc.)
  • Which applications does the topic/theme address? (select all that apply)
    • Clinical practice
    • Clinical Trials
    • Quality Assessment/Improvement
    • Population Health
    • Other (please describe)
  • Intended audience(s): (select all that apply)
    • Academics
    • Clinicians
    • Consultants
    • Industry
    • Patients
    • Trialists
  • Why is “Measuring What Matters” important for this topic/theme? (100 word limit)
  • Symposium synopsis: (500 word limit)

Symposium Organization

  • List names and affiliations of the speakers you intend to invite
  • Describe how the symposium will be organized: (e.g., plenaries, break-outs, case studies; general organization of the meeting): (500 word limit)
  • Proposed Number of Sessions (1-5)
  • Provide a title, description and objective(s) for each of the proposed sessions, based on the number you selected above.

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