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Each year, ISOQOL presents awards to several of its members to honor exceptional work done in the field of health-related quality of life research. Below you’ll find a description of each the awards and, when applicable, information on how to submit a nomination. If you have a question about any of these awards, please send an e-mail to


President's Award

Emerging Leader Award

Outstanding Article of the Year

Outstanding Poster Award

Student/New Investigator Award

Travel Scholarships

Past Recipients


President’s Award

The President’s Award is presented to an individual who has advanced HRQOL research and has made outstanding contributions to the Society in one or more of the following areas: education of professionals, patients or lay individuals about HRQOL’s value; promotion or execution of HRQOL or other scholarly activities; and facilitating or furthering policy initiatives that have an impact on HRQOL. The recipient is selected by the Executive Committee and endorsed by the Board of Directors. The recipient of the award receives a plaque, a $1000 honorarium, and partial reimbursement of travel expenses to attend the ISOQOL Annual Conference.


Nominations for the President’s Award are due in May each year. Nomination packets must include:

  • A letter from the nominator specifying the nominee's contributions
  • A 5-page biographical sketch of the nominee
  • An external support letter

2019 President's Award nominations are now closed. Please visit this page later for updates.

Congratulations 2018 President's Award Recipient

Andrew Bottomley, PhD
Assistant Director; Quality of Life Department Head
Brussels, Belgium

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Emerging Leader Award

The Emerging Leader Award was established in 2011 to honor and commemorate past-President Donna Lamping's contribution to the leadership of the Society. It is awarded to an ISOQOL member who has shown exceptional leadership skills and potential in an ISOQOL activity by playing a key role in initiating and/or steering a specific task or project to successful completion. Such activities may be linked with the ISOQOL Board, an ISOQOL special interest group (SIG), committee or working group, or a specific project undertaken under ISOQOL’s auspices.

The award nominee must be a current member of ISOQOL and have been active on an ISOQOL committee, SIG or working group for at least 2 years, having shown exceptional leadership skills and potential (as outlined above). Individuals must be within 10 years of completing a PhD (or equivalent), MD, or Masters Degree. Current and past ISOQOL board members are ineligible.

Emerging Leader Award Criteria


Nominations for the Emerging Leader award are due in May each year. Nominees may self-nominate or accept nomination by a sponsor. Nomination packets must include:

  •  A nomination letter of up to 500 words (approximately two pages of text, double-spaced), written by the nominee and/or his/her sponsors, describing the ISOQOL activity for which s/he is being nominated as showing leadership skills and potential.
  • A five-page bio sketch, summarizing the nominee’s academic record, employment history and research track record.
  • Completion of one-page summary -
              Describe your type and level of engagement in ISOQOL
              Explain the role(s) you played and the contribution(s) you made
              Describe the outcome/success of your efforts           

2019 Emerging Leader Award nominations are now closed. Please visit this page later for updates.

Congratulations 2018 Emerging Leader Award Recipient

Thomas Willgoss, PhD MSc
Principal Outcomes Research Scientist
Roche Products Ltd.
Welwyn, United Kingdom

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Outstanding Articles of the Year Award

This award recognizes the best articles dedicated to HRQOL and PRO research published in the Quality of Life Research journal and Journal of Patient Reported Outcomes during the previous calendar year. The award recognizes the authors for significant intellectual contributions that promise to advance the state of the art in HRQOL research methods or theory.


All articles published in Quality of Life Research and the Journal of Patient Reported Outcomes are considered for this award.

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Outstanding Poster Awards

The Outstanding Poster Awards are given to those Poster submissions for the Annual Conference that received the highest evaluations during the review process. All submitted posters are automatically considered for this award. The winners are recognized in the final program and with a ribbon posted on their poster board.

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Student/New Investigator Awards

These awards recognize the best overall oral and poster presentations made by full-time students and investigators in the early stages of their career in HRQOL research. Finalists are selected based upon the scores and reviews received during abstract submission. A panel of judges will then score the presentations during the conference and awards will be presented to the top presentations in each category.


At the time of submission, authors will have the opportunity to select if they qualify for either of these awards. At the time of submission student applicants must be enrolled in a full-time program, and new investigator applicants must be within 5 years of the end of their position as full time student or postdoctoral fellow.

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Travel Scholarships

Patient Research Partner (PRP) Travel Scholarship

In order to contribute to the advancement of patient engagement in outcomes research, ISOQOL has funding for selected PRPs with relevant experience to attend the ISOQOL Annual Conference. The primary objectives for this participation are to:

  • Collaborate with the Patient Engagement Special Interest Group (SIG) to attend and contribute to specific educational sessions at the Annual Conference.
  • Participate in the Industry Special Interest Group (I-SIG) symposium to contribute the patient perspective. This may include serving on a panel discussion group at the conference.
  • Promote participation of PRPs in activities related to the active engagement of patient partners in research of relevance to the ISOQOL community. 

PRPs will be selected based upon their experience as active partners in research programs (particularly those relevant to the ISOQOL community), and their potential to contribute to programs during this conference and in the future. In this context, we are defining PRPs as patients who have actively contributed to the design, development, delivery and/or evaluation of research projects and not solely as patients who have participated as research participants.

All applications must be accompanied by a letter of reference from a current ISOQOL member who will be attending the Annual Conference to participate in the patient engagement activities mentioned above.


Developing Country and Student/New Investigator Travel Scholarships

The ISOQOL Developing Country & Student and New Investigator Travel Scholarship Program was developed to increase the opportunity for members in the early stages of their careers, and for members from developing countries, to attend and present at the Annual Conference by providing funds to help defray travel expenses. Members who meet eligibility requirements can apply for both scholarships.

Applicants must have submitted an abstract for the Annual Conference in order to be considered for Developing Country & Student and New Investigator Travel Scholarships.

Applicants for the Developing Country Scholarship must be current ISOQOL members who hold their primary residence in one of the eligible developing countries: List of Eligible Countries

Applicants for the Student and New Investigator Scholarship must be current ISOQOL members to be eligible. Applicants must also be either a current student or new investigator (within 5 years of completing a terminal degree or medical residency).


Nominations for the Travel Scholarship are due late in the Spring each year. Stay tuned to this page for updates.

Scholarship funds will be provided as reimbursement following the conference. Advance funds will not be available.

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