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Adapting PROs for Research and Clinical Practice Series – Webinar #1:

Short-form PROMs: Relevance, utility, and risks for health providers and policy makers

Adapting PROs for Research and Clinical Practice Series – Webinar #2

Methods for modifying PRO instruments for clinical practice and clinical research use

Adapting PROs for Research and Clinical Practice Series – Webinar #3

Methods for incorporating CATs (including ePROs) into clinical trials and clinical practice – operational and scientific challenges and solutions

Patient engagement with PRO completion in clinical practice: Challenges and solutions

Description This webinar explores topics surrounding Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) completion in clinical practice by bringing together insight from members of the ISOQOL Patient Engagement and QOL in Clinical Practice Special Interest Groups. Included in the...

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Introduction to Computerized Adaptive Testing

Description At the conclusion of the webinar, participants would have an expanded knowledge of the basic principles of CAT as well as a deeper conceptual understanding of why it works and what the costs/benefits are. The webinar will be structured around the three...

Evaluating the Benefits of Mobile Health Devices in Clinical Trials

Description This webinar will discuss the emergence and use of mobile health technologies in clinical trials and will provide information on U.S. regulatory considerations when including assessments from these devices to support endpoints in clinical trials as well as...

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