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International Society for Quality of Life Research

New Investigators

Who are New Investigators?

Full-time students, post-doctoral fellows who have received their doctorate in the past five years, and researchers who have worked in the health-related quality of life field for up to five years

Purpose of the Special Interest Group

  • Create a network for investigators new to the field of HRQOL
  • Help solve common problems at early stages of one’s career
  • Share experiences
  • Facilitate discussion
  • Stay up to date on issues of interest to New Investigators
  • Provide educational material, in the form of articles, webinars, roundtables, etc
  • Cooperate with the other SIGs to introduce their field to New Investigators


  • 2018 Annual Report
  • Annual Conference: Here is a sample of some of the Annual Conference activities new investigators have organized in recent years.
    • Tricks of the Trade Series: Senior ISOQOL members discuss their career paths and provide tips and tricks for a successful career in HRQOL.
    • Roundtable Discussions: Small group discussions on career topics. Previous topics include crafting a resumé and job interview strategies.
    • Panel Discussion: Career pathways in academia, consultancy and industry insights of experts
    • SIG Business Meeting: A forum for discussion issues pertaining to New Investigators and to determine new projects.
    • Social/Networking: Connecting with fellow new investigators can expand your research network and also your social network within your research areas.

Communication and Information Sharing

We encourage active communication between members.

  • Connect with other New Investigators using the ISOQOL Membership Directory.
  • Review the Quality of Life Quarterly, ISOQOL's quarterly newsletter, to keep up to date.
  • Consider the New Investigators Teamwork and ISOQOL LinkedIn as a way to connect with fellow SIG members.
  • Contact one of the leaders listed below for more information.

Online Education


Co-Chair: Canhua Xiao, PhD

Co-Chair: Laura Pinheiro, PhD

Past Leadership

Roxanne Jensen, PhD (2009-2011)
Bellinda King-Kallimanis, PhD (2010-2012)
Antonia Bennett, PhD (2011-2013)
Katerina Papageorgiou (2012-2014)
Marc Jacobs (2013-2015)
Catherine Bottomley (née Golics), PhD (2014-2016)
Kathrin Fischer, doctoral student (2015-2017)
Manraj Kaur, PT, MSc, PhD (2016-2018)

555 East Wells Street, Suite 1100, Milwaukee, WI USA 53202
Phone: +1 (414) 918-9797; Fax: +1 (414) 276-3349

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Throughout the website, ISOQOL provides outside resources that may provide assistance to people interested in health-related quality of life and its assessment. It is recommended that readers conduct their own evaluation of the information outside of ISOQOL activities.


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