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International Society for Quality of Life Research


Many Japanese researchers have attended the ISOQOL Annual Conference since the society was formed, and new investigators from Japan increasingly participate in society activities.

The Japan Special Interest Group aims to increase opportunities for Japanese professionals in health-related quality of life (HRQL) to communicate and exchange valuable information about this research area, and to collaborate and contribute to ISOQOL. The Japan SIG also aims to bring younger researchers into the field.


The Japan SIG:

  • Creates opportunities for information exchange between health outcomes researchers, as well as researchers, clinicians and students working and/or studying in related areas such as clinical epidemiology, biostatistics, pharmacology, nursing, rehabilitation, welfare, education, economics, philosophy and bioethics
  • Facilitates and help to conduct high-quality studies
  • Disseminates the results from above efforts with the Japanese research community as well as with wider Asian-Pacific and global audiences


Members of the Japan SIG meet yearly during the ISOQOL Annual Conference, and engage in regular communication on the Teamwork platform.

The Japan SIG has also completed a Japanese translation of the ISOQOL 2015 User's Guide Version 2.


Chair: Kojiro Shimozuma, MD, PhD

Dr. Kojiro Shimozuma is a Professor in the Division of Health Services Research, Department of Biomedical Sciences, College of Life Sciences, Ritsumeikan University. After graduating the medical school, he has been specializing in surgical and medical oncology for about 20 years. He changed his major specialty to clinical epidemiology, health outcomes assessments, health economics, and bioethics. His current research focuses are: (1) Developing a decision-making system to put the effective and fair health resource allocation into practice; (2) Producing qualified health outcomes evidences to help cancer patients. Dr. Shimozuma has been a member of ISOQOL since 1997, and has been a president of the Japanese Society for Quality of life and Patient-Reported Outcomes Research since 2011.

Co-Chair: Kikuko Miyazaki, PhD

Dr. Kikuko Miyazaki is a part-time lecturer at Kyoto University; School of Public Health in Health Informatics. She received her MA in Thanatology, and subsequently a PhD in Human sciences from Toyo-Eiwa Graduate School for Human Sciences. She served as an assistant professor in Health Informatics at Kyoto University School of Public Health. She was trained at Yokohama City University Medical Center as a clinical psychologist in palliative care and patient counselor. Her specialty is health informatics and palliative care for cancer patients.  As of April, 2019, she is a president of Japanese Society for Quality of Life and Patients-Reported Outcomes Research. Dr. Miyazaki has been a member of ISOQOL since 2003.

Secretary: Yoshimi Suzukamo, PhD

Associate professor, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine


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Throughout the website, ISOQOL provides outside resources that may provide assistance to people interested in health-related quality of life and its assessment. It is recommended that readers conduct their own evaluation of the information outside of ISOQOL activities.


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