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Special Interest Groups

ISOQOL members have the opportunity to join Special Interest Groups (SIGs) when they become a member. SIGs provide members with an outlet to connect with others who share similar interests.

Membership in SIGs is free for all ISOQOL members. To join SIGs or update your participation, log in to your ISOQOL member account, select the "My Profile" link option, and update your selection under the "SIG Sign-Up" tab. If you have any questions regarding Teamwork participation, email

ISOQOL Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

 Australia and New Zealand
Child Health
Chinese PRO
Health Preference Research
Ibero America
Mixed Methods
New Investigators
Patient Engagement
QOL in Clinical Practice
Response Shift
Translation and Cultural Adaptation
United Kingdom and Ireland


ISOQOL’s official "" project management program for Special Interest Groups and Committees was launched in 2016. Teamwork is intended to be a resource for ISOQOL members to come together in a shared (online) space to collaborate and communicate within their SIGs and additional working groups.

If you have never used ISOQOL's Teamwork page, getting started is very straightforward. You have received an invite to the email address associated with your ISOQOL membership to access Teamwork projects. If you have not, please send a message to, and we will get you connected. Accepting this invite will grant you access to all the groups that you are a part of. Please keep in mind that only those who are current (dues-paying) members of ISOQOL are eligible to use the program.

While the interface of Teamwork is user-friendly, we have developed several tools for you to use to familiarize yourself with the site.

Access the SIG User Guide.
View the corresponding User Guide Webinar.

In addition to the full website, a Teamwork app is also available for mobile devices that use iOS (Apple) and Android operating systems. More information about how to download and use the mobile app is available at this website.

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Throughout the website, ISOQOL provides outside resources that may provide assistance to people interested in health-related quality of life and its assessment. It is recommended that readers conduct their own evaluation of the information outside of ISOQOL activities.


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