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ISOQOL is proud to present the following works authored or edited by its members. If you are an ISOQOL member, and have authored or edited a book, please contact the ISOQOL office to include your book on this list. The books on this list are not necessarily endorsed by ISOQOL.

Advancing Health Outcomes Research Methods and Clinical Applications

Edited by William R. Lenderking and Dennis A. Revicki
A Publication of the International Society for Quality of Life Research

Table of Contents

This book is based on invited presentations during the 2004 ISOQOL Symposium, “Stating the Art: Advancing Outcomes Research Methodology and Clinical Applications” held in Boston, MA, USA. This book includes a collection of chapters which cover a wide range of conceptual and theoretical, methodological, measurement, and statistical topics, and focuses on innovative and sometimes unfamiliar areas of research that might contribute to advancing health outcomes assessment. It is hoped that health outcomes researchers, students, clinical researchers, those involved in drug development, and others interested in patient-reported outcomes and health-related quality-of-life outcomes will find much that is intriguing and stimulating within the book.

ISOQOL members are entitled to a discount on the purchase of this publication.

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Assessing Quality of Life in Clinical Trials, 2nd Edition

Edited by Peter Fayers and Ron Hays

This highly acclaimed book explores the current state of the art in the field and illustrates the benefits and potential of health-related quality of life assessment in clinical trials. It covers a wide range of analytical issues, emphasizing new and innovative approaches that are of practical and clinical importance.

"This book is clearly written, resource-rich, and eloquently blends both traditional and innovative approaches to measuring HRQoL in clinical trials." Quality of Life Research

"This book represents a comprehensive overview of the field with contributions from 31 authors, in a collection of 24 chapters. The objective of this book is to provide a thorough review of the current state of the art methodology. The objective is whole-heartedly achieved through its six sections." Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics

Quality of Life: The Assessment, Analysis and Interpretation of Patient-reported Outcomes

March 2007 – Peter Fayers and David Machin

This book presents all essential information on Quality of Life Research in one comprehensive volume. The new edition accommodates significant methodological developments, and includes chapters on computer adaptive testing and item banking, choosing an instrument, systematic reviews and meta analysis. It covers the design of instruments, the practical aspects of implementing assessment, the analyses of the data, and the interpretation of the results.

"This book is highly recommended to clinicians who are actively involved in the planning, analysis and publication of QoL research." Clinical Oncology

Measuring and Valuing Health Benefits for Economic Evaluation

John Brazier, Julie Ratcliffe, Joshua A. Salomon, and Aki Tsuchiya

This is the first comprehensive textbook concerning the measurement and valuation of health benefits for economic evaluation.

The book addresses the key questions in the measurement and valuation of health, including: the definition of health, the techniques of valuation, who should provide the values, techniques for modelling health state values, the appropriateness of tools in children and vulnerable groups, cross cultural issues, and the problem of choosing the right instrument. The book concludes with a discussion of the way forward in light of the substantial methodological differences, the role of normative judgements, and where further research is most likely to take this fascinating component of health economics.

To order a copy of this publication, visit the publication's page on the Oxford University Press website.

The Measurement of Health and Health Status

Paul Krabbe

The Measurement of Health and Health Status: Concepts, Methods and Applications from a Multidisciplinary Perspective presents a unifying perspective on how to select the best measurement framework for any situation. Serving as a one-stop shop that unifies material currently available in various locations, this book illuminates the intuition behind each method, explaining how each method has special purposes, what developments are occurring, and how new combinations among methods might be relevant to specific situations. It especially emphasizes the measurement of health and health states (quality-of-life), giving significant attention to newly developed methods. The book introduces technically complex, new methods for both introductory and technically-proficient readers.

To order a copy of this publication, visit the publication's page on the Elsevier website.

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