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International Society for Quality of Life Research

ISOQOL Dictionary for Quality of Life and Health Outcomes Measurement

 ISOQOL is proud to present the First Edition of the ISOQOL Dictionary for Quality of Life and Health Outcomes Measurement.  This dictionary is now available for purchase in English and in Portuguese by selecting the links below. 

English Edition

Portuguese Edition

Digital Version: $9.99 USD
Print Version: $19.99 USD

Digital Version: $9.99 USD
Print Version: $19.99 USD

Additional English Edition Kindle Store Links for various countries 

Additional Portuguese Edition Kindle Store Links for various countries

ISOQOL would like to offer many thanks to the editor of the Original Dictionary, Nancy Mayo, and the editor of the Portuguese Translation Dictionary, Pedro Ferreira, for their diligence and insight.  

We would also like to thank the following contributors: 

Original Dictionary Team (ABC order):

Sara Ahmed, David Andrich, Ruth Barclay, Skye Barbic, Susan Bartlett, David Bronstein, Cheryl Coon, Nandini Dendukuri, Diane Fairclough, Cindy Gross, Cicely Kerr, Ayse Kuspinar, Carolina Moriello (Production Assistant), Donald Patrick, Simon Pickard, Jacky Reid, Lena Ring, Ana Maria Rodriguez, Alicia Rosenzveig, Jennifer C Samp, Rick Sawatzky, Susan Scott, Lesley Wiseman, Jiameng Xu

Portuguese Translation Dictionary Team (ABC order):

Alexandre Rodrigues, Bárbara Antunes, Carlota Quintal, Francisco Maia Pimentel, Ilda Massano Cardoso, Lara Noronha Ferreira, Leonor Marinho Dias, Lizete Malagoni, Luís Manuel Cavalheiro, Luís Nobre Pereira, Marcelo Pio de Almeida Fleck, Maria Alves Barbosa, Óscar Lourenço, Patrícia Antunes, Rui Soles Gonçalves, Teresa Carla Oliveira, Virginia Visconde Brasil, Vítor Raposo

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Throughout the website, ISOQOL provides outside resources that may provide assistance to people interested in health-related quality of life and its assessment. It is recommended that readers conduct their own evaluation of the information outside of ISOQOL activities.


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