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Intro to PCOR for Pharma (IPCOR-Pharma)

Introduction to Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) for the Pharma/Biotech Industry

Using PCOR to Inform Decision Making for Regulators, Payers, Prescribers and Patients

PCOR is crucial to successful product development in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry. PCOR scientists seeking to pursue a career aligned with this industry should understand the product development process, the product lifecycle, the scientific communication process and interactions with key industry stakeholders – both internal and external (i.e. regulators and payers). This one-day, intensive and interactive educational course offers a curriculum that will provide an introduction to the application of PCOR research specific to the pharma/biotech industry.  It will provide attendees with the opportunity to make informed decisions and advance their career with fundamental knowledge of the pharma/biotech industry.  Case studies will engage participants and give them a chance to test their new knowledge.

Intended Audience:

  • Pursuing a PCOR career or have recently started working in the pharma/biotech industry
  • Looking to gain a better understanding of PCOR-related activities within the pharma/biotech industry (e.g., may currently be working in a Medical Affairs team)
  • Pursuing a career in an organization that works closely with the pharma/biotech industry (e.g., regulatory authorities, payer/health technology appraisal organizations, consulting companies)
  • Mentors in academia who are mentoring students in choosing a career path

Course Overview:

Morning Session

Afternoon Session

  • Drug Development and the Product Lifecycle
  • PCOR Scientist Role
  • Internal Stakeholders
  • Regulatory Considerations
  • Payer Considerations
  • Scientific Communications
  • DIY Case Studies

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the different stages of drug development and the pharma/biotech product lifecycle and PCOR needs associated with different stages.
  • Review the roles, responsibilities and scientific deliverables of a PCOR scientist in the pharma/biotech industry.
  • Develop awareness of different functions in the pharma/biotech industry that are key internal stakeholders in the drug development process and partners for PCOR scientists.
  • Define key PCOR industry terms, business deliverables and related responsibilities.
  • Discuss types of regulatory interactions that may involve PCOR and the preparation process for regulatory interactions, with a focus on FDA and EMA.
  • Discuss market access considerations for PCOR.
  • Understand PCOR scientific communications and the importance of outreach to various audiences including patients and physicians.  

Future Courses:

Registration includes: materials, copy of official ISOQOL Dictionary, and refreshments. Certificates will be issued to participants upon completion of the course evaluation.

IPCOR will be offered as part of the 2019 Annual Conference.

Sunday, 20 October 2019
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
San Diego, United States

Interested participants may register for IPCOR as a standalone event, or as part of the overall conference.

Visit the conference website for details and registration.


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