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Affiliate Organizations

Organizations sharing common interests in research and practice are eligible to become Affiliate Organizations. ISOQOL is not responsible for the information contained on the Affiliate Organization websites, but provides this information to further enrich our members and those interested in health-related quality of life research. Learn how your organization can become an Affiliate Organization.

SAYKAD (Turkish Affiliate)

Organized in 2004, SAYKAD brings together researchers in Turkey who specialize in health-related quality of life studies. The mission of SAYKAD is to introduce and disseminate information about health-related quality of life research (HRQOL) and patient-reported outcomes (PRO) research among diverse health disciplines and healthcare professionals; to supervise and advocate HRQOL research concept be put into routine clinical practice in Turkey. Visit the SAYKAD website for more information. Contact Prof. Dr. Erhan Eser for more information on SAYKAD.

Multinational Center for Quality of Life Research (Russian Affiliate)

The Center was established in 1999 as scientific non-profit organization and unites physicians, researchers, psychologists in Russia interested in PRO research.  The Center aims to provide excellence in PRO research in Russia, to promote Quality of Life research in different fields of medicine, and to establish links with the organizations with similar goals elsewhere. The mission of the MCQLR is to support and facilitate studies with the evaluation patient benefits of treatment, to provide excellence in quality of life and symptom research within Russian setting, and to improve education of physicians and researchers in patient-reported outcomes. On November 15-16, 2013 the all-Russian conference focused on quality of life research in health care system will take place. Visit the MCQLR website for more information.

ISOQOL-NL (Dutch Affiliate)

ISOQOL-NL was established in June 2009 and is a transformation of the Dutch study group on health status research (WOG), which was started in 1992 as a part of the research program "Standardization in Medical Technology Assessment". ISOQOL-NL is also a focus group of the Dutch Epidemiological Society since 2009.

The mission of ISOQOL-NL is: Stimulating the development, evaluation and use of patient-reported outcomes in research and clinical practice. Visit the ISOQOL-NL website for more information.

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Throughout the website, ISOQOL provides outside resources that may provide assistance to people interested in health-related quality of life and its assessment. It is recommended that readers conduct their own evaluation of the information outside of ISOQOL activities.


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